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Won the "14th CAMRS Innovation Product Award"

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Interconnection of ecological wisdom to create [Encom EN600 series of high-performance flux vector frequency inverter] won the CAMRS "Innovation Product Award”


February 26, 2016, renowned China Industrial Control Network "2016 The 14th China Automation Annual Award Ceremony" was held in Beijing. The festival is the industrial and even intelligent manufacturing technology and business areas of an industrial event, but also recognized as the industry's most influential grand selection activities, after the expert jury, the majority of Internet users and China Industrial Network comprehensive review, Encom Electric product EN600 series of high-performance vector frequency inverter with excellent performance advantages won the CAMRS innovative product award.



The award-winning EN600 series of products, using high-end design platform, the user perspective design concept, the use of special control algorithm in the speed mode and torque mode to achieve a very high precision control and fast response speed; In terms of application, this series of products has a wide range of networking functions, according to different user needs to design a variety of operation and display interface, and a wealth of peripheral bus expansion, terminal expansion, relay expansion, analog expansion interface etc,.

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