• Salary standards

    We promise we can provide you with satisfied salary if you have ability.

  • All-round leave management

    Enjoy national holidays, provide paid annual leave, paid welfare leave: marriage leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding, accompanying fake, sick leave, work injury, funeral leave and so on.

  • Diversified incentive measures

    Equity incentive, performance bonus, project awards, performance commission, year-end awards, special incentives.

  • Complete welfare protection

    Provide pension, medical, industrial injury, unemployment, birth insurance, housing provident fund, commercial insurance.

  • Company atmosphere

    Comfortable, clean office environment, positive and happy working atmosphere; people-oriented management philosophy, continuity, forward-looking business philosophy.

  • Rich cultural life

    Team development, event funding, travel, association activities such as: soccer, table tennis, badminton, billiards, basketball, tour pal, etc.

  • Talent introduction

    Provide Shenzhen account for the staff (talent introduction, cadre enrolled from among workers, recruitment, etc.).

  • Smooth communication platform

    Enterprise publication《 ENC style》, Staff Symposium, Democratic life meeting, New employee interviews, General manager hotline, General manager reception day ( face to face talk with general manager).

  • Humanized working hours

    5 days per week, 8 hours per day.

  • Holiday subsidy

    According to folk festivals, provide holiday gifts or gifts for staff。

  • Perfect employee care

    ​ENC Love fund, talent housing subsidies, talent apartment housing, welfare dormitories, wedding gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, children gifts, high temperature subsidies, communication subsidies, transportation subsidies, work meal subsidies, consolation money, birthday party, physical examination, mental health care, employee family (parent, spouse, child) care, etc.