Legal Statement

Legal statement

The following rules are applicable to all the users or browsers visiting this website. Shenzhen Encom Electric Technologies Co., LTD (“ENCOM”) reserves the right to modify these rules anytime. The rights of visiting this website are given by ENCOM based on following articles. If you don’t agree any of following articles, please stop using this website. As for the behaviors violating these rules, ENCOM is entitled to adopt legal and fair remedies.


All the materials and information contained in this website, including but not limited to the web pages, links, texts, pictures, data etc, although ENCOM is trying to provide correct materials and information in this website, ENCOM does not guarantee the correctness, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of these materials and contents, and clearly states not bearing any obligations for the errors or missing of these materials and contents, nor makes any expressly and impliedly guarantee to these materials and contents, including but not limited to ownership guarantee, not violating the rights of the third party, quality and without computer virus.

Under the case without any notice or prompt, ENCOM can modify the content in this website anytime, in order to gain latest information, please visit this website regularly. Non-ENCOM products or services stated in this website by ENCOM are just for providing related information, instead of constituting the recognition or recommendation these products and services. ENCOM doesn’t make any statements, guarantee or recognition to any products, service or information, and all the products and services being sold are binding by sales contract and articles of this company.

Copyright interpretation

All the materials and contents stated in this website are protected by copyright law, and all the copyrights are possessed by ENCOM, except the contents cited from other places stated. Without written permit of ENCOM or other parties in advance, anyone is not allowed to copy, sell, replicate, play, connect or transmit any contents of this website with super link, or load them into other services with mirror method and store them in information search system or any other commercial purposes in anyway, however, except the downloading or printing for personal use instead on commercial purpose (the condition is that not modify them, and it needs to reserve copyright interpretation in this material and the interpretation to other ownership).

The third party link

This website may reserve the links to the website of the third parties, visiting these links is up to the user, and ENCOM doesn’t guarantee the correctness, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information, data, perspective, pictures and suggestions provided in these links. These links provided by ENCOM are only for convenience, which doesn’t indicate the recognition and recommendation to this information by ENCOM, nor using for information or other commercial purposes.



All trademarks and signs used and displayed in ENCOM website, including but not limited to: ENCOM Electric, ENC etc are all possessed by ENCOM, except the trademarks, signs and trade names possessed by other parties. Any contents stated in ENCOM website shouldn’t be regarded as the permits or rights using aforesaid any trademarks and signs awarded in implied way, no-objection or other form without written permit of ENCOM or other parties. Without written permit use of ENCOM in advance, anyone is not allowed to use all the names, trademarks and signs in the website possessed by ENCOM in any way.


Right notice

If you think the pictures, characters and links in this website etc violate your legal rights and interests, or legal rights and interests of other third parties, please contact customer service department of ENCOM immediately, and ENCOM will check and process them in time. If the statements about right notice are not true, the sender of right notice should bear all the legal obligations (including but not limited to various compensations, and right maintenance costs etc) caused by this. If you are not sure if the materials in ENCOM website violate your legal rights and interests or not, ENCOM suggests you consult the professionals firstly.