EN500 Series multi-function universal vector frequency inverter
Product brief
It is applied to metalworking, plastic machinery, CNC machine tools, printing equipment, printing and dyeing industry, paper making, municipal engineering, water supply project and sewage treatment and other industries. It is also widely demanded in the fields of textile, refrigeration, cement, ceramics, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mining and so on.

Product Features

  • Superior performance

    Multi-function flux vector control, 32-bit DSP hardware platform, strong low frequency torque, fast speed and torque response, smooth speed tracking.

  • Multiple functions

    Constant pressure water supply, swing frequency control, drop control, fixed length control and other self-learning function, speed tracking, output constant torque and so on.

  • Well designed

    Independent duct design, compact structure, high power density, cabinet and wall-mounted integrated design, easy to install, high cost-effective, standard built-in reactor (90KW and above).

  • Strong extended function

    Achieve bus expansion, terminals, relays, analog expansion, can meet the needs of special users.

  • Multiple communication protocols

    Provide free protocol, Modbus protocol, extended CAN bus, Profibus and so on.

Application advantages


Achieve smooth soft start, avoid the electrical and mechanical impact, extend the service life of equipment.

Flux vector control technology, high starting torque, high operating accuracy;

Widely used in various industrial sites.

Multiple protection functions, including short circuit, over current, over voltage, overload, undervoltage protection ect.



Item description


Rated volt.,frequency

1 phase 220V Grade: 1 phase 220V,50Hz/60Hz

3 phase 380V Grade: 3 phase 380V,50Hz/60Hz

Allowed volt. range

1 phase 220V Grade: 200~260V

3 phase 380V Grade: 320~460V






Over loading capacity

G type:150% of rated current for 1 minute
P type:120% of rated current for 1 minute

Control performance

Control mode

Vector control  (Without PG)
Vector control  (with PG)
Open-loop V/F control
Torque control  (without PG)
Torque control  (with PG)

Speed stability accuracy

±0.5% rated synchronous speed(without PG vector control) 
±0.1% rated synchronous speed(with PG vector control); 
±1% rated synchronous speed(V/F control);

Speed range

1:2000(with PG vector control);
1:100(without PG vector control);
1:50(V/F control);

Start-up torque

1.0Hz:150% rated torque(V/F control);
0.5Hz:150% rated torque( vector control);
0Hz:180% rated torque( PG vector control)

Speed fluctuation

±0.3% rated synchronous speed( vector control);
±0.1% rated synchronous speed( PG vector control);

Torque control accuracy

±10% rated torque( vector control, torque control);
±5%  rated torque(PG vector control, PG torque control).

Torque response

≤20ms (vector control);
≤10ms (PG vector control);

Frequency precision

Digital settled: max. frequency×±0.01%;
Analog settled: max. frequency×±0.5%

Frequency resolution

Analog setting

0.1% of max. frequency

Digital settled precision


Exterior impulse

0.1% of max. frequency

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost; manual torque boost 0.1~12.0%

V/F curve(volt. Frequency


Setting rated frequency at the range of 5~650Hz, by choosing constant torque, degressive torque 1, degressive torque 2, degressive torque 3, user defined V/F curve in total 5 kinds of curve.

Acceleration and   deceleration curve

2 modes: linear acceleration and deceleration and "S" acceleration and deceleration; 15 types of acceleration and deceleration time, the time unit (0.01s,0.1s,1s) is optional, the max. time is 1000 minutes


Power consumption brake

The 15kw power and under power range with inbuilt brake unit, only need to added brake resistor between (+) and PB; The 18.5kw and up power range is possible to add brake unit between (+) and (-) outside; or extra connect brake unit with adding brake resistor between (+)and PB.

EN500 series can connect brake unit between (+) and (-) outside.

DC brake

Optional start and stop, action frequency 0~15Hz,action current 0~100%,action time 0~30.0s

Control performance


JOG frequency range: 0.00-upper limiting frequency
JOG acceleration/deceleration time: 0.0-6000.0s for setting

Multi-section speed running

Multisection speed operation can be achieved by interior PLC or control terminal. As many as 15sections, which has their own acceleration and deceleration time. The interior PLC supports power down save.

Interior PID controller

Be convenient to make closed-loop control system

Automatic energy-saving operation

Optimize automatically V/F curve base on condition of loading, achieving energy-saving operation.

Automatic voltage regulate(AVR)

Automatically keep output voltage constant, when on-grid voltage vary

Automatic current limiting

Automatic current limiting when operation, in case of the malfunction of frequent over current causing trip

carrier modulation

Modulate carrier automatically based on the characteristic of load.

Speed tracking restart

Make the rotating motor smooth start without shocking

Running function

Running order specified channel

Keypad specified, control terminal specified, communication specified, which can be changed by many means

Running frequency specified channel

Main and auxiliary specified to a realize one main adjusting and one fine control. Digital specified, analog specified, pulse specified, pulse-width specified, communication specified and others, which can be switched by many means at any time.

Binding function

Run command channel and frequency specified channel can be bind together randomly and switch synchronously.

Output character

Digital input channel

Channel 8 for universal digital input, max. Frequency 1KHZ, channel 1 can be used as pulse input channel, max. input 50KHz, which can be expanded to channel 14.

Analog input channel

2 channel for analog input channel,  AI1 can choose 4~20mA or0~10V as output, AI2 is differential input channel, 4~20mA or-10~10V for option, which can be expanded to channel 4 analog input.

Pulse output channel

0~20KHZ pulse square signal output to achieve setting frequency, output frequency and other physical quantity output.

Analog output channel

Channel 2 for analog signal output, AO1 can be 4~20mA or 0~10V, AO2 can be 4~20mA or 0~10V to achieve setting frequency, output frequency and other physical quantity output, which can be expanded to channel 4 analog output.

Unique feature

Rapid current limit

Limit frequency inverter over current to the greatest degree, making it run more stably.

Monopulse control

Suitable for working site where need one button to control frequency inverter start and stop, first press to start, then press to stop, and that cycle repeats. It is very simple and reliable.

Fixed length control

Can realize fixed length control

Timing control

Time range: 0.0-6500.0 minutes

Virtual terminal

Five groups of virtual DI/DO can realize simple logic control;


LED display

The parameters like setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current can be displayed

Lock the button

Lock all or part of the buttons.

Protection function

Motor short-circuit detection at power-on, input/output phase loss protection, over current protection, overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, overheat protection and overload protection, relay protection, terminal protection and non- stop protection when power off.


Use ambient

Indoor, not bare to sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no combustible gas, no vapor, no water drop or salt ect.


Less than 1000 meters.( above 1000meter require to reduce volume to use, output current reduce about 10% of rated currentvolt per 1000 meter high)

Ambient temperature

-10°C to +40°C (de-rated if the ambient temperature is
between 40°C and 50°C)

Ambient humidity

Less than 95%RH,without condenses


Smaller than5.9m/s² (0.6g)

Storage temperature



Defending grade


Cooling mode

Intelligent air cooling

Mounting mode

Wall hanging and cabinet installation

Volume & model

Outer size of keypd and its fixing box (unit: mm)


Mounting size of keypad                                          Hole size of keypad

Installation Size