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ENC's 20th Anniversary | Farewell to the last 20 years ,gather strength for the future

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Twenty years has past, our original intention is as strong as rock, and our determination is unswerving.

year 2004…

A dream sets sail in Shenzhen

We sow hope in this hot land

Keep moving forward, work hard, and grow together .


For twenty years,

We always adhere to customer-centricity,

Focus on the field of industrial automation,

Create excellent products with ingenuity,

Achieve customer value with professionalism.

Start from scratch, grow into superior

From a single product to multiple coverage.

Starting from a single business scope, to multiple-business coverage.



For twenty years, we are grateful for our companionship and cherish our encounters.

We have come along the way,

We are in the same boat through thick and thin and overcome the difficulties together.

For twenty years, we have walked together,

Witnessed each other's transformation and growth.

We cherish the encounter with every partner,

Thanks to our partners for their trust and support,

Give us the motivation to move forward.




Twenty years of ups and downs,

We are committed to shouldering corporate social responsibilities.

Actively participate in public welfare undertakings.

We established ENC Love Mutual Aid Fund,

Just like lighting up a beacon of hope,

We sending warmth and care to those in need.

This feedback,

Not only a deep friendship with society,

It is also a warm feedback for the hard work of ENC staff.

We take practical actions,

Conveying the power of love and warmth.


Looking back on the past, we feel the emotion of growing up together.

Looking into the distance is the belief to move forward bravely.

The journey of ENC for twenty years,

It is a gift of time and the starting point of the future.

Sincerely thanks to every customer, partner and ENC staff for accompanying us on this journey.

For twenty years, we have been together every step of the way.

In the future, let us gather our strength and move forward.

Chase our dreams and create a better future together!

ENC's journey of 20 years has past and we will gather strength for the future development!

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