EDS1000 series multi-function general use type frequency inverter
Product brief
Applied to metal processing, plastic machinery, CNC machine tools, printing equipment, printing and dyeing industry, papermaking, municipal engineering, water supply engineering, sewage treatment. Also in the textile, refrigeration, cement, ceramics and other fields are also widely used.

Product features

  • Excellent design concept

    Adopt optimized space voltage vector PWM control; stable 1Hz 150% rated torque; automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and automatic current limiting function; more stable built-in PID controller.

  • Practical function design

    Constant pressure water supply function, from 1 drive 1 to 1 drive 4 pumps all can be realized; up to 16 steps speed control and simple PLC function; swing frequency function for textile, high speed pulse input / output interface; MODBUS or user-defined communication network protocol.

  • Durable market test

    After more than 10 years of user testing, access to high praise. According to the user experience, we constantly upgrading and keep up with the times during the 10 years.

Application advantages


Automatic voltage regulation can adapt to wide voltage fluctuation situation.

Support multiple frequency given channels, including digital settings, analog settings, multi steps settings, PID settings, RS485 communication settings.

Built-in process PID control function is widely used in constant pressure water supply, air compressor variable frequency drive, etc.

Through setting parameters, the mechanical resonance is effectively suppressed, and the system is more stable and reliable.

Widely used for various industrial fields.



Item description


Rating volt., frequency

1 phase 220V class, 1 phase 220V ,50Hz/60Hz

3 phase 220V class, 3 phase 220V ,50Hz/60Hz

3 phase 380V class, 3 phase 380V ,50Hz/60Hz

3 phase 690V class, 3 phase 690V ,50Hz/60Hz

Allowed work volt. range

1 phase 220V class: 200V~260V

3 phase 220V class: 200V~260V

3 phase 380 V class: 320V~460V

3 phase 690 V class: 586V~760V



0~input volt



Over loading capacity

G type: 150% of rating current for1 minute    200% of rating current for 0.5 second  

P type:  120% of rating current for 1 minute  



Control mode

Sensorless slip vector control,

open loop V/F control

Speed regulation range

1: 100

Start-up torque

150% of rating torque at 1 Hz frequency

Running speed stable state precision

≤±  0.5% of rating synchronous speed

Frequency precision

Digital setting: max. frequency   ×±  0.01%    analog setting: max.frequency   ×±  0.5%



Analog setting

0.1% of max. frequency

Digital setting

precision : <100Hz  0.01Hz;    100Hz: 0.1Hz

Exterior pulse

0.5% of max. frequency

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost, manual torque boost


V/F curve (volt. frequency


Set rating frequency randomly at range of

5~400Hz    can choose constant torque, degressive torque 1, degressive torque 2, degressive torque 3 and user-defined V/F in total 5 kinds of curve

Accelerating decelerating curve

2 modes: straight line accelerating decelerating and

S curve accelerating decelerating; 7 kinds of

accelerating decelerating time (unit minute/second can be optioned), max. time 6000 minutes.


Power consumption brake

Interior or exterior brake resistance. 690 V grade haven t build-in brake unit .

DC brake

Optional start-up and stop    action frequency 0~15Hz    action volt. 0~15%    action time 0~20.0 s


Jog frequency range: 0.50Hz~50.00Hz; jog

accelerating decelerating time 0.1~60.0s can be set

Multi steps speed running

Realized by interior PLC or control terminal

Interior PID controller

Be convenient to make closed-loop system

Automatic energy save running

Optimize V/F curve automatically based on the load to realize power save running

Automatic volt. regulation (AVR)

Can keep constant output volt. When power source voltage varies.

Automatic current limiting

Limit running current automatically to avoid

frequent over-current which will cause trip

Running function

Running order specified channel

Key pad specified, control terminal specified, serial

port specified.

Running frequency specified channel

Digital provision, analog provision, impulse provision, serial port provision, combined provision    can be switched at any time by kinds of method.

pulse output channel

Impulse square wave signal output of 0~20KHz    can realize output of physical parameter such as setting frequency, output frequency etc.

Analog output channel

2 channel of analog signal output, thereinto AO1 channel can be 4~20mA or 0~10V and AO2 channel is 0~10V; through them the inverter can realize output of physical parameter such as setting frequency, output frequency etc.


LED display

Can display setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current etc.

Lock the button

Lock all or part of the buttons(analog potentiometer can t be locked)

Protection function

Over-current protection, over-voltage protection,

lack-voltage protection, over-heat protection,

over-load protection, etc.

Fitting parts

brake subassembly, remote-control keypad,

connecting cable for remote-control keypad etc.


Use ambient

indoor    not bare to sunlight    no dust, no corrosive

gas, no flammable gas, no oil fog, no vapor, no

water drop or salt etc.


Lower than 1000m ,if higher than 1000m ,need to reduce amount  to use.

Ambient temperature

-10 º C~+40º C(under ambient temperature 40º C ~50º C, please reduce the volume or strengthen heat sink)

Ambient humidity

Smaller than 95%RH, no condensation water


Smaller than 5.9m/s ² ( 0.6g)

Storage temperature

-40 º C~+70º C


Defending grade


Cooling mode

By fan with automatic temperature control

Mounting mode

Wall hanging

Volume & model

Outer size of keypad and its fixing box (unit: mm)


EN-KB5 outer size                                       EN-KB5 hole size


EN-KB6 outer size                                       EN-KB6 hole size

 Volume & model


EDS1000-2S0004EDS1000-4T0750P  mounting size

Inverter type

(G: constant torque load; P: fan and pump load)

A (mm) B (mm) W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) D1 (mm)  

Fixing aperture


G.W. (kg) Fig.
EDS1000/1200/1300-2S0004 EDS1000/1200/1300-2S0007 110 160 125 170 123.2 135.5 4 2 Fig a
EDS1000/1200/1300-2S0015 EDS1000/1200/1300-2S0022
EDS1000-2S0037 140 215 155 230 155 164 5 3.8 Fig b
EDS1000/1100/1300-4T0075G/0110P 185 275 200 290 178 187 6 6.3 Fig b
EDS1000/1100/1300-4T0150G/0185P 135 330 218 345 210 221 7 10 Fig c
EDS1000/1100/1300-4T0185G/0220P 180 410 260 430 252 261 9 17 Fig c
EDS1000/1100/1300-4T0300G/0370P 200 485 280 505 252 261 9 23 Fig c
EDS1000-4T0450G/0550P 200 515 300 535 252 261 9 33 Fig c

EDS1000-2T0007EDS1000-2T0075 mounting size

Inverter type A (mm) B (mm) W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) D1 (mm)

Fixing aperture


G.W.  (kg) Fig.
EDS1000-2T0007 110 160 125 170 123.2 135.5 4 2 Fig a
EDS1000-2T0037 140 215 155 230 155 164 5 3.8 Fig b
EDS1000-2T0055 185 275 200 290 178 187 6 6.3 Fig b

EDS1000-7T0110GEDS1000-7T2000G mounting size

​Inverter model A (mm) B (mm) W (mm) H (mm) D (mm)

Fixing aperture


EDS1000-7T0110G/0150P 200 552 284 570 252.7 9 Fig e
EDS1000-7T0185G/0220P 280 620 420 650 300 9 Fig d
EDS1000-7T0450G/0550P 320 720 500 750 300 12 Fig d
EDS1000-7T0750G/0900P 400 790 590 820 372 12 Fig d
EDS1000-7T1600G/2000P - - 630 1200 500 - Fig f