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Applications for food machinery

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Introduction to food machinery:

Food machinery refers to the machinery and equipment that processed food raw materials into food or semi-finished products, which can be divided into food processing machinery, packaging equipment two categories. For example: Steamed buns machine, dumpling machine, bread machine, noodle machine, roasted machine.

Frequency inverter selection:

EDS800 series, EN630 series

Advantages of food processing applications:

■  Mini-type inverter, small size, take up less space

■  The frequency changer has the function to unify the instruction issued by the controller to realize the production speed synchronized with the conveyor belt beat

■  Built-in food-specific technology, according to the proportion of the selected formula for the production, product size and weight deviation is small

■  Production speed can be set through the man-machine interface is complete, simple and intuitive

■  The quality of the products produced is stable and the efficiency is improved

■  At the same time can be set a variety of processing technology, the inverter can be calculated