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Application of Oil Exploitation

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Introduction to oil extraction:

Oil extraction is the process of using oil extraction equipment to extract oil from the oil field. Pumping machine includes beam pumping unit (kowtow machine), direct drive pumping unit. 

Inverter selection configuration

The beam type pumping unit adopts EN600 / EN500 series, direct drive type adopts EN650C series.

ENC inverter application advantages:

■  Can  intelligently  adjust the power’s output according to the load. According to the size of the oil can adjust the motor speed from 35.00Hz to 60.00Hz, can achieve 20%~30% energy efficiency  and improve the power factor;

■ Dynamically adjust pumping unit stroke cycle, not only save energy, but also increase crude oil production;

■ By setting the appropriate system inertia compensation, can achieve stable jitter-free fast shutdown;

■ Special algorithm suppresses the energy regeneration, reducing energy loss, inhibition of resonance, stable operation;

■ After setting the motor output power standard value, can detect and control the motor output power in real time;

■ EN650C supports permanent magnet synchronous motor magnetic field orientation control,  large starting torque, high efficiency; start smooth, with the motor initial magnetic pole position detection function, with anti-reversal function, can automatically detect reverse torque on the current screw, and prevent the low-speed reverse release of screw.