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ENC frequency inverter application for construction lifts

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Introduction of construction lifts:

Construction lifts, also known as construction elevators, refer to means of transporting pedestrians or building materials vertically on construction sites. At present, the world's total number of construction lifts more than 8 million, is the most used in the contemporary construction industry vertical cargo transport vehicles, but also essential for large-scale construction equipment.

Frequency inverter configuration selection:

EN602A all-in-one machine special for lift

Construction lift

■  Small size, good looking, can be used throughout the wall, semi-permeable wall, all built-in three kinds of installation 

■  All kinds of limit signal, console wiring, cage outside the operation box wiring, clear logo and easy maintenance

 "Safety chain" control loop is fully achieved by hardware, adopt higher security with dual-core dual-output contact brake control

 IP54 protection class waterproof design

 Built-in weight limiter protection device, the panel can display the weight Kg, the pre-charge protection circuit with the feature of quickly response

 Industry's pioneer anti-fall hardware-level protection.